Employee Self Service Supported Browsers

Supported Browsers (make sure user clears cache/browsing history)


  • Safari iOS7 or higher
  • Chrome 4.1 or higher


  • IE10 or higher (If user can’t connect on IE, have them de-select Enterprise Mode under Tools)
  • Chrome 21 or higher
  • Firefox 11 or higher
  • Safari v5 or higher Browser needs to support the following minimum requirements:
  • Cookies should be enabled
  • Secure SSL traffic should be supported
  • For Safari users, Privacy mode must be disabled


Helpful Tips


  • The Hub works best in Internet Explorer
  • The direct link ESS.Boston.Gov works best in Chrome
  • If you experience errors, clear your cache/cookies, close down the browser and reopen and try again.  
  • Make sure you’re not in enterprise mode
  • On your smartphone or tablet, if ESS.Boston.Gov doesn’t work in one browser (such as Safari), try using Chrome.
  • For Safari users. Privacy mode must be disabled
  • Check wifi signal (if it's weak you might need to turn wifi off and use cellular)



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